Thursday, January 9, 2014

One year ends and we look forward to new beginnings!

Hello Fingerpaints Friends and Families!

Happy new year to all of you! In 2013 we experienced a lot of change and are very excited for the new beginnings that 2014 has to offer. Here are some of our new and exciting changes from this past year:

We have moved to a wonderful new neighborhood in the heart of the South Wedge and are really enjoying the playgrounds, the residential walking routes that we have discovered, our friendly neighbors and the convenience of this spot for our commuting families. This new house has provided us with a much better set up for our growing day care and we are happily settled in and ready to learn and explore in 2014!

Our immediate family welcomed a new member this past December. Eve June was born in December and we are thrilled to not only welcome to our immediate family but to the Fingerpaints family as well. While we have had a few friends leave us this past fall, we also have a few new friends who will be joining us this spring so we are looking forward to the new beginnings with them as well.

We also received a grant from CSEA for new toys and equipment just before Christmas. We have added a new play pen for our smaller friends to safely play and explore their surroundings, a new pocket calendar for our older toddler and preschool aged friends, some awesome art supplies that we will be able to use throughout the year and other small toys and tools for friends to learn and discover their surroundings with. We are very fortunate to have received such a generous gift and truly appreciative of our new supplies. I will post pictures as we explore them all!

All is all, 2013 was a busy year and 2014 promises to be just as exciting though hopefully filled with lots of learning and growing minus the moving. Cheers to all of you and we look forward to the exciting things that this year brings!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Our new location!

Hello Friends and Followers! I wanted to post a few pictures of our new playroom for your viewing pleasure. We are happily installed in our new location in the South Wedge of Rochester. With our Group Family Daycare license completed, we are looking forward to settling in and meeting new friends if the opportunity arises!
Thank you and Happy Fall to all of you!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Holiday projects

November held a number of projects but my personal favorite were our chubby little turkeys! Plump and ready for Thanksgiving dinner...
We had so many projects over the course of the holiday season that we did almost one new craft project per day in addition to our other singing, sensory activities and games. December made for quite a busy month!
We made colorful ornaments that we all painted with our fingers.
We made fingerpainted trees with hand print stars on top as well. The girls really loved being able to paint with their fingers so a number of our projects were planned to allow them to do so.
Fingerpainting is a great sensory activity for little kids and in terms of art exploration, fingerpainting promotes process over product. The process of making art is far more important for children to learn how their bodies respond to the materials, how the materials can be manipulated to make an end result and the process can be key to building self-confidence. The end result is great as a keep sake and as a trophy or reminder of the activity but less important for the child's development. In day care, it is important to have projects that are both process over product AND projects that have a specific end result. Children love to be proud of what they have made and parents love to see all of the fun that children have had throughout the day. By having projects with both goals (process focused and end result focused,) children can learn through exploration, build confidence, feel pride in the projects that they create and parents feel good about what children are learning and doing. I feel that it is important for parents to understand why it is that multiple types of projects are planned and how they effect each child individually.

We did a number of projects with hand prints, thumb prints, foot prints and stamping. These are GREAT sensory activities and children love to see the result of paint transferring from their body parts to the paper. Here is a holiday wreath made up of hand prints and a tree made up of hand and foot prints!
Photo Photo
We also read a few holiday stories, one of which was about Santa and his reindeer. In the spirit of the story, we made our own red nosed reindeer with prints from our feet! These were a big hit with children and parents.
There you have  pretty good selection of the projects that we did over the holiday season! We made memory books for our parents with the 12 days of Christmas in them! We used our hands, feet, fingers, thumbs and stamps to make images of all of the 12 days in the song. We gave these books to our parents for Christmas.

We talked about other cultures and holidays that occur in the month of December. In the future, I look forward to being able to incorporate other cultures and beliefs in what we learn. I think it is important to help children learn as much as they can about all of the different people. cultures and beliefs that may exist around them. Having a healthy respect for others is really important to me and hopefully it will be equally as important to the families and children who are involved in Fingerpaints Child Care.

Here at Fingerpaints, we are looking forward to the New Year and new beginnings! We have a new friend joining us this week and new fun and exciting projects to help us grow and learn. What an exciting year 2013 will be!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 A year in review

Wow- what a year!! We were very busy this year and very lucky to have such great friends to play with and time to discover and learn new things! I apologize to our readers as I have not kept up with posting information and images from our adventures so I am going to post a few highlights here...
In October, one of our favorite projects included stories about pumpkins and then making our very own! We talked about our faces, all of the parts that make up our face and how similar jack-o-lanters are. These were some of our fine pumpkins!
We did several hand/foot prints for a variety of projects but one of my favorite was a set of "Happy Fall" cards with pumpkin fist prints. 
We practiced letters and shapes on the BIG easel as often as we could! Luckily we have sidewalk chalk to use on the chalkboard side and crayons for the paper we can clip on top. It has been fun to learn how to control these drawing tools and everyone has been learning new things when it comes to their drawing/writing abilities. 

I promise to get back on to post more of our projects as I get them uploaded. We made a ton of different projects and tried to touch on learning new things as the seasons have rolled along using an assortment of different learning styles, media, games and toys. It really has been a fun year! I am so looking forward to 2013 and all that it has in store!

Friday, September 7, 2012

What a week!

We had two new friends this week! Morgan who is one and Abby who is two BOTH started at Fingerpaints this week and man did we have fun! We are all enjoying the new friends, play times and routines here.

Transition is not always easy, especially for the littlest members of a group but I think the girls are settling in well and we are enjoying each other already! We have been making art, reading new stories, trying new healthy foods, playing with new toys, sharing, learning and growing together. I am so lucky to be able to provide care to such great kiddos.

Looking forward to another exciting week next week!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

We have openings for children ages 2 and up!

Today Zoe and I had the great fortune of meeting a fun and fabulous family who will be filling our last under 2 years old slot! We are very excited to see them in the coming weeks as they move closer to full time status. Zoe is excited to have a new friend here now the question is- who is going to be next?

We have openings for children ages 2 and older so hopefully we will meet other energetic kiddos with fun loving parents who would like to spend some time learning and growing with us!

Looking forward to meeting new friends!

Friday, July 27, 2012

The Registration is in!

Alrighty folks- It is now state official! The state sent our registration certificate complete with state child care ID. This means that not only are we officially open, but the state recognizes us as safe, certified and on the map for any state data base as well as the child care council's data base. I am beyond excited to be through this whole process of opening our in home child care. It has been quite a road to have traveled but now that we have arrived at the finish line, I'm relieved.

Here's to the next adventure- Advertising and Interviews! I am excited to meet new families and see who is interested in us as well as who is a good fit for our home. I will break out of the digital advertising and put up information in a few places that I think may catch some eyes, hope for the best and think positive thoughts! Happy Friday everyone!